Size Chart Infrared Gloves

How to Measure

To find the best fit of your Infrared Gloves measure from the point of the wrist to the end of the middle finger. This measurement is your "hand length" glove size. All sizes are unisex.

How to Measure your Hand for Gloves Best Fit
X-SMALL 17 cm 6.75"
SMALL 17.5 cm 7"
MEDIUM 18 cm 7.25"
LARGE 19 cm 7.50"
X-LARGE 20 cm 8"

Infrared Therapy Gloves Sizes Based on the Width of the Hand.

To find the appropriate glove size, use a tailor's measuring tape to measure around your dominant hand just below the knuckles, excluding your thumb. The dominant hand will be the right if you are right-handed and left if you are left-handed. This measurement is your "hand width" glove size. The tape measure should be snug and straight, but not stretched tightly.

How to determine your glove size based on width of hand
X-SMALL 15 5.9"
SMALL 17 6.7"
MEDIUM 19 7.5"
LARGE 21 8.3"
X-LARGE 23 9.1"

If your dominant hand measurement falls between sizes choose a smaller size if you would like to feel the gloves tight or a bigger size to feel the gloves comfortable.