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Graduated Compression Arm Sleeves 20-30 mmHg Class 2

Arm Compression Sleeves 20-30 mmHg

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These arm compression sleeves use seamless, circular knit construction to create the ultimate graduated arm sleeve for the forearm and bicep. Smooth and comfortable, the arm sleeve encases the entire length of the arm, applying a graduated pressure to increase circulation and support the muscles and tendons in the forearm, elbow, and bicep. This translates to longer endurance, faster regeneration, slower fatigue, more energy, and less damaging muscle vibrations. 

Compression level: 20-30 mmHg / Class 2 (CCL 2).  Two sleeves per pack.


Graduated compression of the sleeves starts at the wrist and gradually decreases as it rises the arm.  Compression sleeves support the movement to encourage physical activity – a key factor in living healthy and minimizing chronic diseases. When done correctly, compression can help prevent the buildup of lymph fluids, which need to flow properly to transport waste from cells and tissue. It also helps get oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to the injury to fuel the cells and tissue for improved healing.

Our Compression Sleeves for the arm exert a comfortably firm compression (20 - 30 mmHg), which boosts circulation and increases the supply of oxygen to the muscles. As a result, your muscles can perform for longer, recover more quickly, and are better protected against injuries.


Arm Compression Sleeves can be worn during the day and removed while sleeping. They are perfect for your favorite activities like golf, tennis, baseball, basketball, cycling, running, hiking, the gym, etc., to improve performance and post-activity to accelerate recovery.

When compression arm sleeves are worn during exercise, they can help to keep arm muscles warmer, reducing friction between muscle fibers and in turn causing less inflammation. Also, they can be used as a shapewear to reduce arm cellulite and water retention by activating the microcirculation. Consistent use helps reduce the appearance of flabby arms.


If you’re experiencing pain and discomfort caused by elbow tendonitis, golfer’s elbow, bursitis, arthritis, surgery, lymphedema, chronic swelling, chronic elbow instability, or just general discomfort, compression technology works to reduce these symptoms.


Compression Arm Sleeve Size Chart


  • Enhance blood and lymph circulation
  • More power, less muscle vibration/tears
  • Reduce lactic build up following sports
  • Injury prevention
  • Counteract mild swelling and reduce pain
  • Remove accumulated toxins build up
  • Improve skin tone and reduce cellulite
  • Stimulate quicker recovery and healing


  • Dynamic gradient compression
  • Seamless and slimline design
  • 20 - 30 mmHg compression level / Class 2 (CCL 2)
  • Soft and comfortable to wear
  • Safe and non-slip through every movement
  • Wear it during the day and remove at night
  • Durable and washable
  • Latex free product

Fabric Information

A quality, breathable high-tech fabric made of Nylon 75%, Lycra 25% draws sweat away from your skin and help keep you dry and comfortable during or after physical activities or exercises.
20 - 30 mmHg is a medium compression recommended for reducing swelling and enhancing tissue oxygen levels for faster recovery.

Washing Instructions

Hand wash or machine washer – cold water, gentle cycle, and mild detergent does not contain bleach. You may tumble-dry low or lay flat to dry (recommended). DO NOT use fabric softeners, DO NOT dry clean, DO NOT iron or DO NOT bleach – Bleach will break down the fibers of your garment and shorten its useful life.

Using an arm compression sleeve is the best option to keep the blood and lymphatic system circulating and is vital to preventing and recovering from injuries or a surgery. Our sleeves are comfortable to wear.

Please note that your personal care is always best managed by a medical professional or therapist familiar with your condition.