Infrared Raynaud's Full Finger Gloves for Better Circulation, Celliant Technology
Infrared Raynaud's Full Finger Gloves for Better Circulation, Celliant Technology
Full Finger Raynaud's Gloves for All Day Comfort Gently Improve Circulation
Infrared Therapy Gloves for Raynaud's, Cold Hnads, Poor Circulation
Full Finger Raynaud’s Gloves Minimize the Symptoms
Raynaud’s Gloves Charge Your Cells with Celliant Infrared
Raynaud’s gloves full coverage of hand in mild winter

Raynaud’s Full Finger Gloves Circulation Cold Hands Infrared Liners

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Raynaud’s Full Finger Gloves provide therapeutic warmth and comfort to reduce or prevent the signs and symptoms of Raynaud’s Syndrome. Their full finger design offers a maximum coverage for hand, fingers and wrist to increase circulation, oxygen levels and balance temperature.

Raynaud's Full Finger Gloves Promote Circulation

These gloves feature Celliant Warming Infrared Technology. The gloves are a natural & convenient solution for people with poor circulation, Raynaud’s phenomenon/disease, diabetes, rheumatoid neuropathy, aging, or injuries. The gloves are made from a vasoactive material -  Celliant® which is the most advanced fiber technology clinically proven to reduce the pain, increase circulation and blood flow, balance temperature and promote comfort and wellness. 

The design of our Raynaud’s Full Finger Gloves is comfortable and superior while surrounds your hands with a warming sensation as the far infrared reflecting material heats up the tissue relieving Raynaud’s syndrome symptoms in hands and fingers.

Infrared Raynaud’s Full Finger Gloves  can be worn daily or throughout the night, all seasons to manage the condition. They also are recommended for arthritis, carpal tunnel as a non-split option, repetitive motion injuries, rheumatism, poor immunity, diabetes, hand neuropathy as the warmth from infrared energy alleviates the pain and optimizing blood flow. 

Essential Features

  • Design with minimal stitches for comfort day and night
  • Extended smooth cuff for complete cover of the wrist
  • Ultra-light compression to optimize blood flow
  • Reduction of negative effects from poor circulation
  • Balance hand temperature to increase recovery time
  • No adverse effects as the fabric works directly with the body

Fit & Function

  • Superior fit helps improve hand circulatory system
  • Comfortable design to keep hands warm
  • 100% flexibility of thumb and fingers
  • Non-restricted hand & fingers blood flow
  • Infrared therapy for 24 h use, day or night

Great for physical activity/running in mild weather.

Fabric Information

The material of our infrared full finger gloves is powered by Celliant technology.  A unique combination of Celliant® and performance fibers tested for durability and effectiveness.

Blood flow and oxygen level in the tissue is increased by an average of 7% when these gloves are worn constantly.

The Power of Celliant®

  • Energy return
  • Circulation
  • Oxygenation
  • Temperature regulation
  • Overall well being

Celliant is the most stablished and clinically tested infrared optimized textile in the industry.

Washing Instructions

Raynaud’s Full Finger Gloves are washable without affecting the minerals/bio-ceramics. There is not coated or treated fibers content, so the minerals never wash out or breakdown. 

  • Hand wash (recommended) or gentle cycle of washing machine in cold water
  • Mild soap or detergent can be used; the detergent should not contain bleach or fabric softeners.
  • Remove excess of water, reshape and lay flat to dry. Avoid heat and direct sunlight.
  • Avoid heat and direct sunlight. Do not dry clean, iron or bleach.

Raynaud’s Full Finger Gloves Infrared Liners as a natural therapy, at-home solution in combination with other alternative or conventional therapies can play an important role in helping a person to manage the hand problems, to recovery or heal.

Veturo Infrared Therapy Gloves sizes are based on the width of the hand.

To find the appropriate glove size, use a tailor's measuring tape to measure around your dominant hand just below the knuckles, excluding your thumb. The dominant hand will be the right if you are right-handed and left if you are left-handed. This measurement is your "hand width" glove size. The tape measure should be snug and straight, but not stretched tightly.

how to determine glove size - veturo gloves

5¾ – 6½”
14.5 – 16.5 cm
6¾  – 7½”
17 – 19 cm
7¾ – 8¼”
19.5 – 21 cm
8½ – 9″
21.5 – 23 cm
9¼ – 10″
23.5 – 25 cm
All sizes are unisex

If your dominant hand measurement falls between sizes choose a smaller size if you would like to feel the gloves tight or a bigger size to feel the gloves comfortable.

To find out your best fit of Compression Arm Sleeves for men and women, use a flexible measuring tape and wrap it around your wrist, elbow and upper arm. Use the chart to determine if your arm sleeve is size S, ML, or XL. Regular and Maximum measurements are width variations.

Measuring guide for graduated compression arm sleeves

1. Measure your wrist circumference at the narrowest part of the wrist that is above the wrist bone. (c)
2. Measure your elbow circumference at the fullest part of the elbow. (e)
3. Measure your upper arm circumference at the part just below the armpit. (g




23.5 – 28.5 cm

9 ¼” – 11 ¼”

25 – 31 cm

9 ¾” – 12 ¼” 

27 – 33 cm

10 1/2” – 13” 

29 – 35 cm

11 ½” – 13 ¾”  


22 – 27 cm

 8 ¾” – 10 ¾”

23.5 – 28.5 cm

9 ¼” – 11 ¼”

25 – 30 cm

9 ¾” – 11 ¾”

26 – 32 cm

10 ¼” – 12 ½” 


15 – 16.5 cm

  6” – 6 ½”

16.5 – 18 cm

6 ½” - 7”

18.5 – 20 cm

7 ¼” – 7 ¾”

20 – 21.5 cm

7 ¾” – 8 ½”


Compression level:

20-30 mmHg 


One size fits Medium/Large for Men and Women. Your sock size corresponds to your shoe size.

Shoe Size






8 - 12

7 - 11

41 – 45.5


9 - 13

7 ½ - 10

39 – 42

Please use the chart below to determine your sock size. Your sock size corresponds to your shoe size.

Shoe Size Medium Large  X-Large
Men (US/CAN) 5 - 8 8 - 12  12 - 16
Women (US/CAN) 7 - 10 10 -12
Men (UK) 4.5 - 7.5 7.5 - 11.5 11.5 - 15.5
Women (UK) 5 - 8 8 - 10
Men (EU) 37 - 41 41 - 45 45 - 49
Women (EU) 37 - 41 40 - 43


To Determine Correct Size:  Measure around upper arm 2 inches (5 cm) above elbow crease 





11’’ – 12’’

28 – 30.5 cm


12” – 13”

30.5 - 33 cm

To Determine Correct Size:  Measure the circumference of your thigh 5" or 13 cm above the center of the knee
The knee support sleeve does not need to be tight or constricting for the bamboo charcoal to activate.

Measuring Guide for Infrared Knee Sleeves


Around the thigh – above on the lower thigh

If your measurement falls in the chart range, this is the right size for you.

15’’ – 18’’
38 – 46 cm
18” – 20”
46 - 50 cm

How to Measure

To find the best fit of your Infrared Fleece Gloves measure from the point of the wrist to the end of the middle finger. This measurement is your "hand length" glove size. All sizes are unisex.

How to measure your hand to find best fit gloves








17 cm

17.5 cm

18 cm

18.5 cm

19 cm

Gloves (when worn as a liner)

17.5 cm

18 cm

18.5 cm

19 cm

20 cm