Infrared Therapy Gloves and Sleeves for Hand Problems

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Healthy HandOur hand and wrist like the entire body is very complex. The hand contains small bones, a variety of joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves. The bones in the hand are aligned precisely to provide a full range of motion and precision. The ability to move our fingers and perform a wide variety of everyday tasks is made possible by the joints. The joints in the hand enable the fingers to bend. The muscles also allow the hand to bend and straighten the fingers. The ligaments and tendons provide that stability and mobility that make our hand so dexterous. Nerves are delicate structures that give movement and feeling to different area of the hands.

Old or young, no matter the age, we are always using our hands. When there is something wrong with them, like a bone injured, tendon inflamed, a nerve injured, etc. we may not be able to perform our regular activities.

Hand problems, injuries and conditions, are various and they may or may not interfere with our activities of daily living.

There are many methods for controlling the symptoms of hand problems depending on one or more of the following: overuse (carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive motion injuries), bones, muscles or joints (Dupuytren’s disease), medical conditions (rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, Raynaud’s phenomenon). Along with any medication or the advice of the doctor, we can try some easy and highly effective at-home natural remedies to help improve the condition of our fingers, hands and wrists.

Besides Food – a healthy eating plan, Exercises – to maintain strength and flexibility in the hand muscles and joints, Self-Massage – techniques for hand pain and stress, Rest – substitute activities that don’t stress the hand, there is Far Infrared – therapy gloves and sleeves.

Choose What’s Best for You - Infrared Therapy Gloves and Sleeves

Our infrared therapy gloves and sleeves help minimize the common symptoms of hand problems like the following:

  • Joint pain
  • Stiffness
  • Inflammation
  • Swelling
  • Tingling
  • Burning 

hand with infrared glove resultsThe root of these symptoms is (hand) poor circulation. If circulation is improved by wearing gloves besides other “therapies” mentioned above all unpleasant negative symptoms of the hand are decreased. Wearing infrared gloves and sleeves regularly, they will protect against a Raynaud’s attack, prevent pain and stiffness of finger joint (arthritis), and also help relieve the effects of carpal tunnel syndrome (non-splint gloves and wrist sleeves).

Why Infrared Therapy Gloves and Sleeves?

Infrared therapy gloves and sleeve are IR (infra-red) Responsive textiles with positive benefits for people with hand, wrist, arm, elbow or knee problems due to a condition or aging. The material of our Infrared Therapy Gloves and Sleeves is powered by Celliant infrared – a patented technology, FDA approved. Celliant is based on three fundamental scientific principles: Your body emits heat; certain naturally-occurring minerals from the fabric absorb heat and emit far infrared energy (IR); and IR is a vasodilator that delivers health benefits by increasing blood flow to tissue and muscles throughout the body, which delivers vital nutrients and oxygen to the cells.

Veturo Therapy Gloves and Celliant Infrared Technology

In gloves and sleeves, this results in increased warming and temperature regulation of the hand or area where a sleeve support is applied.

Infrared Therapy Gloves and Sleeves as a natural at-home solution in combination with other alternative or conventional therapies can play an important role in helping a person to manage hand problems, to recovery or heal.

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Disclaimer: This information is not intended to replace the advice of your doctor or health care provided. is not intended to provide any medical advice.

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