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Infrared Therapy Gloves and Sleeves for Hand Problems

The hand is one of the most complex anatomical structures in the human body and is capable of performing very sophisticated functions. It has the ability to execute complex tasks involving various combinations of different skills and abilities involving grip, movement, sensory feedback and motor coordination [Buhman et al. 2000; Dianat et al. 2012]. Wearing gloves and sleeves support for hands, fingers or wrist can protect us against negative symptoms that occur due to an overuse, injury, poor circulation or a medical condition like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, diabetes, etc. A single option – wearing infrared gloves and sleeves for hand problems may not do too much but they are a good choice to prevent or decrease the symptoms.

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Infrared Gloves For Arthritis Help Relieve The Symptoms Of This Condition

Warm your hands and alleviate pain and discomfort with arthritis gloves featuring infrared technology. These convenient gloves are recommended by doctors as a natural option to combat swelling you may experience due to arthritis. The term arthritis means “inflammation of the joint”. Together with the rheumatic diseases that affect the soft tissues, arthritis encompasses more than 100 different conditions.  

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