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Merino wool is a remarkable fibre. A great insulator, it will hold in your body heat to keep you warm. And, at the same time, merino wool has a unique ability to absorb up to three times its own weight in moisture, drawing it away from the skin without feeling damp. Wool does not compromise with quality. Products made from merino wool simultaneously keep you cozy and warm without feeling clammy or damp. Wool is lightweight and soft, your guarantee for perfect comfort and better health.


With MERINO WOOL, nature has created a material that can help keep you warm, dry and odor free, all year round. Of course, cannot wear gloves in summertime, but wool has the ability to keep you warm when it is cold and cold when it is warm. Merino wool has a lot of small air pockets in its structure, which means that it can insulate against the heat as well as the cold. In nature this help sheep keep a comfortable temperature all year round, regardless of the climate and the level of activity – and the wool will do the same for you.

Merino wool gloves alleviate the symptoms of cold hands and are safe for Raynaud’s syndrome. 100% merino wool has the ability to work like a second skin – in total harmony with your own body’s protection mechanisms.


Hand Temperature Regulation

This is a key feature for merino wool to regulate the body’s optimum comfort level – never too hot, never too cold. In cold or wet environments, merino wool instantly generate heat through a unique molecular process known as heat of sorption. In hot or warm environments, the wool release moisture as a vapour, cooling down the wear. Truly nature’s miracle thermostat.

Absorb Moisture and Keep Your Hands Dry

Merino wool can absorb up to 33% of its own weight in moisture without feeling wet. Once again that is due to the little air pockets in the structure of the wool fibre. Wool wicks moisture away from the skin and binds it inside the air pockets. This makes the wool really comfortable to wear for sport and outdoor activities, since it does not become moist, as you can sometimes experience with synthetic fibres or cotton.

Natural Anti-Bacterial Properties

Merino wool is naturally odor resistant. The complex nature of the wool fiber allows us to create a highly breathable fabric that easily moves perspiration away from the skin, creating a dry environment where odor causing bacteria cannot thrive. Without a warm, moist place to live, the odors never build.

Static Free

Merino fabric is in harmony with the body’s natural electrical field, thus unlike synthetics which carry static electricity that runs against the body’s blood structures, Merino Wool Gloves will keep you comfortable in natural harmony.

Feel Wonderfully Soft

Gloves made from merino wool are amazing since the material feels wonderfully soft on the skin. Merino Wool is one of the softest materials available, as comfortable and luxurious as cashmere. Also, it is itch free which is very important for sensitive skin.

Merino Wool is one of the softest materials available, so our products made from this luxury fiber are incredibly comfortable.


Merino Wool Gloves Best Choice for Comfort and Wellness


Merino Wool Beanie 100% Pure Wool

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