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What are Far-Infrared Textiles?

Far Infrared (FIR) textiles are a new category of functional textiles that have putative health and wellbeing functionality. To create far infrared-emitting fabric, bio-ceramics/thermo-reactive minerals are embedded in the fibers in one form or another (often as a powder). The principal source of energy needed to power the FIR emission from the garments comes from the human body, since it is at a significantly higher temperature than the surrounding air. So, energy from the human body is transferred to these ceramic particles, which are acting as "perfect absorbers", maintain their temperature at sufficiently high levels and then emit FIR back to the body.

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Merino Wool is Mother’s Nature miracle fiber. There are many reasons to choose merino wool for sports, daily life and outdoor use, all year round. Products made from merino wool simultaneously keep you cozy and warm without feeling clammy or damp. Wool is lightweight and soft, your guarantee for perfect comfort and better health. The Power of Comfort is a simple idea: when you’re comfortable, your body performs better. “I try to find products that are more sustainable, and sometimes nature is the best engineer.” Pete McBride, National Geographic Adventure, US.

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